Champions for Truth in Advertising

The National Advertising Division Celebrates 50 Years

Tell me about the National Advertising Division. What is your mission?

Laura Brett, Vice President, National Advertising Division, BBB National Programs

How does NAD decide which issues to focus on? What’s the process for mediating them?

We’re going to jump right in with some hot topics. The first has to do with the self-regulation of speech on social media. Is this going to happen?

What sort of issues is the coronavirus pandemic presenting as it relates to truth in advertising?

Influencer marketing is another popular form of promoting one’s brand. What sort of issues does this present?

5G finally seems to have arrived. What do consumers need to watch out for here?

Finally, you just added Fast-Track SWIFT as a filing option for mediating less complex claims. Tell me about that.

Rapid Fire: Get to know Laura Brett

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Marketing and Technology Enthusiast. Native Washingtonian. Former Best Buy, LivingSocial and Neustar.

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