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A complete index of all my writing on Medium, organized by the year in which the work was published. I primarily write about marketing, technology and entrepreneurship. For more about me, you can check out my About Me story. I hope you find something that interests you!

Helping Clients Succeed. Chris McArdle, SVP and CRO for, discusses how he managed his sales team during the Covid-19 pandemic

Good Reads II. What books do entrepreneurs read? Find out what these successful entrepreneurs are currently reading. …

Marketing, Technology, Entrepreneurship

Hi everybody. My name is Clint Perez. I started writing on Medium in December 2015, but only recently have committed to producing more content.

Clint Perez

I am a marketer by trade, Washingtonian by birth and Buffalonian by marriage. I have worked for Fortune 500 companies as well as startups. Some of those startups were well funded, others were not.

I have a deep interest in business, technology and entrepreneurship. Most of my writing focuses on those topics. My writing is also a little different than most of what you will find on Medium. I like to find intelligent people who are…

How the Pandemic Shaped the Current Sales Environment

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The Covid-19 pandemic has changed life for many of us in ways we could not have foreseen. For many of us, that has meant social isolation and lots of Zoom meetings. Being the resilient people that we are, most of us have learned how to manage this “new normal”. But how is that working out for your sales teams? No profession relies more on face to face interactions than sales. And without those interactions, how are top sales teams finding success? “We’ve had to become much more thoughtful in our approach to prospecting and in-meeting performance,” says Chris McArdle, SVP…

Books That Entrepreneurs Read

Welcome to another edition of Good Reads, the blog post where I share book recommendations from my recent interviews with entrepreneurs. While this is by no means a definitive list of what books entrepreneurs read, it does provide some insights into how their minds work.

I have curated the recommendations from my various interviews into one reading list. Additionally, I have included links back to the original blog posts if you’re interested in learning more about the person who made the recommendation. All of these entrepreneurs are successful in their own right and have great stories to share.

This month’s…

The National Advertising Division Celebrates 50 Years

Part of BBB National Programs since 2019, the National Advertising Division (NAD) was established in 1971 in response to growing American consumerism and Government pressure to regulate the advertising industry. Preferring self-regulation to Government oversight, advertising industry leaders adapted the British model for self regulation forming a two tiered system that included NAD and the National Advertising Review Board (NARB). NAD would hear cases on advertising disputes and NARB would mediate any appeals. Both consumers and consumer advocacy groups were quick to test the newly established system. Advertisers themselves soon followed with their own challenges of competitor advertising. …

How Covid is Shaping Demand in the Current Environment

On November 12th, Tim Ito of the Marketing Nice Guys hosted a webinar with Kathy McConnell and Sue Keith of Ceres Talent. Kathy and Sue have been recruiting marketing talent for companies in the greater Washington, D.C. area for over a decade. They regularly interact with CEO’s, CMO’s and hiring managers. They have seen trends come and go. They are acutely aware of the massive shift driven by the coronavirus lockdowns and how those changes have trickled down from corporations to individual contributors. …

Perspective on Living a Good Life During a Global Pandemic

It seems like 2020 will never end. It has been a tumultuous year with coronavirus lockdowns, protests over racial injustice and a hotly contested Presidential election that only exacerbated the political divide in our country. Some of us may have lost our jobs or our businesses and endured long periods of unemployment. Others may have lost a loved one. Our patience is wearing thin and there seems to be no end in sight. It would be easy for any one of us to be tired, cynical, worried and worn down. Yet, Mike Holmes has found the silver lining amidst all…

A Year of Renewed Focus on Reading

2020 was a year of reading for me. After a long hiatus, I made the commitment to start reading more — more books and more variety. In the past, I have read mostly business books, but this year, I came to a better understanding of why fiction is just as important. I was inspired by a few friends as well as my nascent journey through Stoicism. What you read may be more important. You need to spend time with books that expand your understanding of concepts and structure as well as books that challenge your thinking.

Clint Reading

I am also a…

How One Entrepreneur Pivoted During Covid

Contrary to popular folklore of the overnight successful American entrepreneur, starting a business is hard, often lonely work. You may have a great idea, a vision for a better future. And you are highly motivated to see that vision through to reality. But the path to success is fraught with uncertainty and hardship. You work long hours with seemingly minimal progress. Products fail to gain traction, marketing campaigns bomb, competitors enter the market and funding is hard to come by. It may even seem like the company is entirely dependent on you for success. That’s a lot of stress for…

Tom Krause, Leadership Coach, Five Capitals

Tom Krause wasn’t always a leadership coach. Like many of us, Tom started his career climbing the corporate ladder. But after years of working as a market researcher for some of the top brands in the U.S., Tom found himself burned out and seeking a new direction. Sure, he had a great job and the work was challenging, but it didn’t bring him the same fulfillment as it used to and it was affecting all parts of his life. That’s when Tom turned to leadership coaching to help him find an answer. Fast forward three years and Tom is now…

Clint Perez

Marketing and Technology Enthusiast. Native Washingtonian. Former Best Buy, LivingSocial and Neustar.

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